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Seaflora aims to act globally while working locally. All Seaflora products are formulated and hand crafted in Sooke, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. All Seaweeds kinfused into every Seaflora skincare formulation are hand harvested in the nearby Salish Sea.

Seaflora Skincare is the perfect choice for wellness seekers around the world. If you're looking for genuine, non-toxic, organic and nutrient rich skincare - you'll LOVE Seaflora


Exfoliating Agents is certified organic ocean mud, which is safe for the marine environment when washed down sinks and drains unlike the devastating and commonly used microbeads.

Ingredients that are sourced as close to home as possible, significantly reducing carbon footprint.

All Seaweeds are hand harvested, which produces little or no carbon emissions.

Harvesting boats take advantage of 4-stroke engine technology exceeding EPA emissions standards.

Indigenous ingredients (and not imported ingredients) form the base of their skincare formulations-significantly lowering carbon emissions.

No parabens, no mineral oils, no petroleums, no mercury, no tars, no formaldehyde.

Never tested on animals.



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